Adel ▲ Creating Opportunities for Blockchain Innovation


It’s astonishing what people can achieve when they believe in something.

In January 2016 my friend, Michal Vavrek had an idea to create a community-based ecosystem to fuel project innovation. So he flew to Amsterdam to meet with the Nxt Foundation, and they agreed to support the project. A few weeks later Miša approached me to co-found the company with him, and we began working on what would become Adel.

Adel is a Technology Incubator for Blockchain Innovation

Here we are, 10 months later and we have a lot to show for our efforts. Our staff has grown to eighteen, and we are a global team and completely decentralized.  It’s been a team effort throughout this journey, and each member brings their own unique expertise to make us great. The team is filled with passion to make this project a huge success.

Over the next three months we’ll introduce Adel to the world, with white papers, projects, infographics, and other materials. Our activities in the next few months will lead us to our Internet Coin Offering (ICO) on the 1st of March 2017. These are exciting times for blockchain technologies, and Adel will soon be a major player in it’s evolution and innovation. Check out our new website, and learn about the exciting things we’re planning.

Home - Signature, Gabriel Dusil ('12, shadow, teal)

Gabriel Dusil
Co-Founder & Board member, Adel


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