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By:  Gabriel Dusil, Co-founder & Board Member, Adel
Jessica Allen, Blockchain Enthusiast & Social Media Expert

Blockchain Incubation to Employment

Building a strong ecosystem for startup incubation starts with a foundation of integrity, diversity, and collaboration. A philosophy of integrity satisfies the authorities while attracting mainstream players with the capital to bootstrap project development. A collaborative environment is formed to attract talented individuals who are motivated to work together and create viable products. This framework retains talent and rewards their expertise.

The computing age and the internet have enabled new technologies thanks to the passion and commitment of volunteers. Linux has been a big success in the open-source arena with a 66% market share in web-based servers and 99.79% in supercomputers[1]. The SourceForge[2] repository showcases over 430,000 open source projects. Decentralized development has fuelled many of these projects, including blockchain technology.

Decentralized code development provides a framework for fast and efficient project execution. Traditional approaches to project management and leadership still need to be maintained. Hard-working developers have the motivation to succeed, while at the same time enjoy flexibility in their schedule and workspace. When an ecosystem has a whole community that works together, each participant has a devoted motivation for their project to grow from infancy to maturity and ideally sustainability.

Blockchain incubator, Adel Ecosystem, Ltd. is revolutionizing the blockchain incubation process by offering employment opportunities to community members. By having members participate in idea development through to project execution, each participant has a vested interest in ensuring success. They have a personal and financial interest in that growth. The unsung benefit becomes the vast employment opportunities for members across multiple projects. In addition, knowledge and lessons learned on one project can then be utilized in future initiatives. Systematic business planning creates its own efficiencies.

A collaborative environment for blockchain incubation offers its members a central platform from which to incubate ideas. Funding options need the flexibility to accommodate both a wider consensus and a narrow one. There needs to be a pool of experts who know how to build businesses, mitigate weaknesses, and maximize revenue potential. Furthermore, the open nature of blockchain requires transparency in various activities of the community, such as voting, key performance metrics (KPIs) of projects, and collaboration.

Figure #1: Passion + Expertise + Capital = Success

Adel co-founder, Gabriel Dusil comments, “We think that employment is a unique benefit of our ecosystem. The members have a vested interest in wanting their projects to be successful. It’s their baby. They invested their hearts, minds and money into the initiative. We feel this is the magic formula behind what we are creating.”

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About the Authors

Gabriel is a sales and marketing expert with over 25 years in senior positions at Motorola, VeriSign (acquired by Symantec in 2010 for 1.250 billion US$), and SecureWorks (acquired by Dell in 2011 for 612 million US$), and Cognitive Security (acquired by Cisco in 2013 for 25 million US$). He is a blockchain entrepreneur, with strengths in international business strategy. Gabriel has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from McMaster University in Canada and expert knowledge in blockchain incubation, cloud computing, IT security, and video streaming, and Over the Top Content (OTT). Gabriel also runs his own company, Euro Tech Startups s.r.o., and manages a professional blog at

Jessica Allen

Jessica is a blockchain enthusiast and social media community expert with over 25 years of technology and 15 years of digital marketing experience.  As a mother of two, Jess is passionate about blockchain’s potential to innovate industries, unite communities and create a sustainable global economy.  She brings the ability to create conversations with anyone, at any level, about blockchain use cases and potential.  Jess is active on social media @TheJessAllen and volunteers her time with the Isha Foundation to help share the benefits of yoga and meditation as fundamental tools for human transformation.




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