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We first met with Deloitte representatives at a TechCrunch Startup event in Prague earlier in the year. Our presentation sparked their request for this executive seminar and Q&A session a few months later. This was part of Deloitte’s Innovation Breakfast series, with a goal to educate their staff on the latest trends in the ICT market. We were honoured to be their keynote speaker.


▲ Deloitte’s Innovation team in Prague organized a special seminar for their senior executives, around the topic of blockchain. Co-founder Gabriel Dusil was invited as their keynote speaker of this event to introduce Deloitte’s future leaders to the world of cryptocurrencies. This presentation covers blockchain from the aspect of market sizing, Roger’s Adoption Curve, Gartner’s Hype Cycle ‘17, opportunities & threats, and blockchain’s future. Gabriel also discussed the phenomenon of blockchain’s popularity, in the context of its ideology and disruptive nature in horizontal and vertical industries.


▲ Here is a video of our presentation:

▲ Here is the presentation on SlideShare:

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