Adel ▲ Conference ▲ Living the Blockchain Revolution ▲ Warsaw


This was one of the largest blockchain events of the year with 1,400 of the biggest names in cryptocurrency meeting in Poland. The biggest exchanges, payment providers, leaders in fintech, miners, traders, ICO participants and crypto-maniacs were eager to discuss trends and new opportunities for innovation at this summit.

Our most active member, Robin Jansen also attended. It was great to meet up and talk crypto with such an experienced blockchain expert.

Gabriel Dusil, co-founder & board member, Adel


▲ Adel’s co-founder discusses the blockchain paradigm, and how it has begun to change global society. This presentation focuses on the disruption of the “Religion of Money”, through the creation of bitcoin, as the first and truly global currency. The crypto-economy is “For the people, by the people, and of the people”. Topics of this presentation include Idea Incubation, Project Planning, and Enterprise Execution. Gabriel also discusses the phenomenon of blockchain’s popularity, in the context of its ideology and disruptive nature in horizontal and vertical industries, fueling opportunities in Fintech, Healthcare, eGovernment, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and the Internet of things (IoT).


▲ Here is the video of our presentation:

▲ Here is the presentation on SlideShare:

▲ Here are the native powerpoint slides:

17.Dec.1 – Warsaw · Cryptocurrency World Expo.pptx

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