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Adel had great coverage last week, continuing from our website launch on December 6th. Here are some highlights:


Adel – Creating Opportunities for Blockchain Innovation


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Fuelling Innovation in a Fundraising Ecosystem


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Listing – Travin Keith, Marketing Manager at Adel

Adel ▲ Press ▲ In Forbes, The Economic Times, The Paypers, and more…


We had great media coverage this week, from our Adel website launch. Here are some highlights:



Adel Fintech Incubator Unveils Crowdfund Using Nxt’s Blockchain



Adel ▲ Creating Opportunities for Blockchain Innovation



▲ Adel announces 2017 blockchain ICO



▲ Adel, a technology incubator for blockchain innovation



▲ Adel to support blockchain projects, ICO to begin in March 2017



▲ Czech fintech incubator launches ICO on Nxt’s blockchain



▲ Adel FinTech incubator unveils crowdfund using Nxt’s blockchain



▲ The Adel community will support the Blockchain project, beginning in March

Adel社区将支持区块链项目,Adel ICO将于2017年3月开始

Fuelling Innovation in a Fundraising Ecosystem

Adel Launches Website

  • Adel are custodians of its ecosystem and its community members
  • Mobilizing community expertise and resources
  • Voting, collaboration, and expert participation in projects
  • Leading FinTech adviser Jan Lamser joins Adel Board

Adel, an infrastructure aimed at developing, supporting and funding innovative startups using blockchain technology, announced its plan today for a month-long ICO which will open on the 1st of March, 2017. The Adel ecosystem consists of stakeholders, registered community members, staff, the Project Review Committee, and the Adel Board. Their vision is to create an ecosystem of innovative projects where members can participate in, mentor, and improve project plans. Adel offers a decentralized alternative to traditional venture capital funding, angel investments, and other established financial sources.

Co-founder and Board member, Gabriel Dusil comments, “We’re lucky to have this opportunity to introduce Adel to the evolution of blockchain technology. Our research team has identified an exciting untapped market opportunity:  providing parties interested in innovation with a community-based infrastructure to participate in long-term projects. By leveraging the emergence of blockchain as a service (BaaS), we created the Adel ecosystem so that participants have a collaborative platform to initiate, develop, showcase and fund their innovations.

Adel is a global community that is self-regulated, self-sustained, and offers its own economic ecosystem using the Adelphoi cryptocurrency token.  Adel is built on Nxt, the leading decentralized blockchain as a service platform, and Ardor, which is the next evolution of Nxt’s technology. Participation in startups will be decided by the Adel community, while successful ventures will be developed and issued as rewards to Adel’s stakeholders. The community and stakeholders will have the opportunity to introduce use cases that involve blockchain technology.

Jan Lamser, Co-founder and Board member adds, “We are very excited by the prospects of blockchain technology transforming many industries. The momentum created in distributed ledger solutions is impressive. There is a lot of energy and diversity amongst entrepreneurs in the FinTech industry who are looking for ways to harness blockchains. All too often, traditional approaches to mobilizing resources miss out on the potential of startups. Adel provides a forum of like-minded parties who understand these needs.”

High levels of integrity, ethics, compliance, and security are of the utmost concern for Adel’s founders. Ultimately, it is the collective vote of Adel’s members that decide which projects are launched and supported. Served by a staff of 18 people and still growing, Adel will empower the community and its members. Their mandate is to evaluate startups and provide guidance to the community.

Adel is a technology incubator for blockchain innovation – Dedicated to delivering a resilient ecosystem for its community. Adel is an infrastructure aimed at developing, supporting and funding innovative startups using blockchain technology. The ecosystem consists of stakeholders, community members, staff, a Project Review Committee, and the Adel Board. Its aim is to support projects where members can participate, mentor, and improve their business plans. Adel will harness blockchain as a service (BaaS) to create a collaborative platform for developing, showcasing and funding innovations. Adel is built on Nxt, the leading decentralized blockchain as a service platform, and Ardor, which is the next evolution of Nxt’s technology.

Adel ▲ Creating Opportunities for Blockchain Innovation


It’s astonishing what people can achieve when they believe in something.

In January 2016 my friend, Michal Vavrek had an idea to create a community-based ecosystem to fuel project innovation. So he flew to Amsterdam to meet with the Nxt Foundation, and they agreed to support the project. A few weeks later Miša approached me to co-found the company with him, and we began working on what would become Adel.

Adel is a Technology Incubator for Blockchain Innovation

Here we are, 10 months later and we have a lot to show for our efforts. Our staff has grown to eighteen, and we are a global team and completely decentralized.  It’s been a team effort throughout this journey, and each member brings their own unique expertise to make us great. The team is filled with passion to make this project a huge success.

Over the next three months we’ll introduce Adel to the world, with white papers, projects, infographics, and other materials. Our activities in the next few months will lead us to our Internet Coin Offering (ICO) on the 1st of March 2017. These are exciting times for blockchain technologies, and Adel will soon be a major player in it’s evolution and innovation. Check out our new website, and learn about the exciting things we’re planning.

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Gabriel Dusil
Co-Founder & Board member, Adel