Management – Presentation Skills, What They Never Teach You

Graphic - Presentation Skills, What They Never Teach You (title)


With twenty years of experience delivering and watching presentations, I have learned a lot, with regards to what works and what doesn’t.  Presentation training that I have experienced often focused only on content, and making sure the presenter learns to say the right things.  But good presentations are about passion, empathy, emotions, and respect.  Good presenters tell an engaging story, regardless of what is projected behind them.  It’s about the delivery. In a world that is bombarded by PowerPoint, slide presentations are sometimes frowned upon.  But that’s like saying there are too many books in the world.  It’s not about presenting slides, or how good the animations look.  PowerPoint is just a book and the letters it contains.  It’s what’s inside that book that makes it special. It’s all about the story, and how it is delivered. If Content is still King, then Story is the Kingdom.

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