Gabriel Dusil • Social Networking • Announcing the launch of!

• Many of you have suggested that I split my professional content from the personal stuff, so I finally got around to it. I’m happy to announce the launch of my new personal blog,

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My personal blog will focus on tags related to:

  • Family Legacy • Mamička • Taci • Googičko • Gabičko
  • Photo Restoration • Digital Restoration • Photo Repair • Historical Photography
  • Martial Arts • MMA • Mixed Martial Arts • Kick boxing • Karate • Self Defense
  • Fitness • Strength & Conditioning • Circuit Training • Aerobic • Anaerobic

Here are links to recent posts in my personal blog:

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The professional blog,, will continue to focus on the following tags:

  • OTT • Over the Top Content • OVP • Online Video Platform • VoD • On Demand
  • Broadcast • Television • Multiscreen • Smart TV • Social TV • 4K • UHD • UltraHD
  • Connected TV • TV Everywhere • TV Anywhere • Digital Video • Streaming

Here are links to recent posts in my professional blog:


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Gabriel Dusil • Social Networking • 2014 Annual Report

• prepared this 2014 Annual Report for Click here to see the complete report.

• Here are three recent articles:

• Here are three recent web seminars:

• I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for reading my articles, and watching my videos. I love the creative process, presenting new ideas, and trying to look at the market in a unique light. Please stay tuned in 2015, as I have a lot of content planned for release, throughout the year. Here’s an excerpt:

Portfolio - WordPress, Annual Report '14, Title, Annual Report (15.Jan.6)

Portfolio – WordPress, Annual Report ’14, Title, Annual Report (15.Jan.6)

Entertainment • My Top 24 Favorite Documentaries

Attention, Fans of Cinema!

I’m a big fan of a good documentary.  Please find below my 24 favorite documentaries, covering multiple disciplines.  I hope you find something you haven’t discovered yet.

♠ If you are aware of any good documentaries, please share them in a comment below.

♠ All text (titles) below the poster images hyperlink to IMDB for further details.  Note that not all titles are family viewing.

♠ …  don’t forget to like & share, please!

Martial Arts


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