OTT & Multiscreen • Evolution of Online Media

12.Oct.18 - Visual Unity Opening Day, Prague (Evolution of Online Video, title)


Various industry players are working feverishly to engage customers through online video so that content is available anywhere, anytime, and on any device.  Migration to multiscreen video consumption requires thought leadership and forward-thinking partnerships, to help clients keep pace with the rapid march of technology.  vuEasy™ is a new solution that opens doors to a wide range of companies waiting for an ideal Cloud-based service to monetize their past, present and future content.  Monetization is not just about selling content – it is about building business awareness and a communication strategy around a brand. With vuEasy™, Visual Unity enables an eMarketplace so that businesses can converge in a single cloud service and convert their multimedia assets into revenue.

Watch a video of the Presentation here:

Download the Original Presentation here:

Management – Visual Unity (Master, v3.4, vuEasy).pptx

View the PDF version here:

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