OTT & Multiscreen • Featured Speaker at the OTT Video Executive Summit

Gabriel Dusil from Visual Unity Global  is Announced as a Featured Speaker at the OTT Video Executive Summit

April 14th, 2014. Prague, London, Dubai— Visual Unity Global, a leading OTT platform and multiscreen solution provider,announces Gabriel Dusil, Chief Marketing and Corporate Strategy Officer as a featured speaker at the Over-the-Top Video Executive Summit (, to be held at Boston’s Lenox Hotel on April 16. Mr. Dusil will speak on topics of “All things content— licensing, transformation, DRM, tracking”, and “Integrating OTT with Social”.

The OTT Video Executive Summit brings together thought leaders to discuss topics crucial to the development of streaming video and evolving Pay TV business models. The conference topics range from content, enabling technologies, to discussions on the evolving viewing behavior of consumers. In addition to experts and executives, the conference includes a panel of everyday people from various demographics. The event is also gamefied, with the leading point-getter being awarded the “OTT Genius” trophy.

“Our audience will benefit greatly from Gabriel Dusil’s experience and perspective on this dynamic industry,” said Brian Mahony, CEO of event producer Trender Research™ Inc. ( “The industry is going through a period of rapid change, and innovation from companies such as Visual Unity puts it in the driver’s seat.”

In addition to the topics where Mr. Dusil will be speaking, the additional sessions include:

  • “Netflix and net neutrality, who wins?”
  • “Economics of hybrid Pay TV/OTT video services”
  • “Content discovery and navigation— way beyond channel surfing”
  • “What’s a TV channel these days? What’s a brand?”
  • “TV Everywhere: Is it really? What will it take?”
  • “Changing consumer behavior— cord-cutting, multi-screen, interactivity, demographics”
  • “Platform device wars— TVs, consoles, STBs, tablets, mobile”
  • “HD OTA: the dirty little secret”

A focus group of from various demographics will also provide insights on their viewing habits. These include profiles such as “Chatty Tween,” “Working Mom”, “New Vision for Univision”, and “Nana.”

“The OTT Video Executive Summit is an excellent venue to peer into the future trends of video streaming,” said Gabriel Dusil.  “The OTT market has grown at an unprecedented pace, from its birth less than ten years ago.  The thought leadership represented at this event will help industry leaders to make informed and strategic decisions in how they shape their online revenue opportunities.”

The OTT Video Executive Summit is a one day event and is open to executives across the industry. For more information or media inquiries, contact Brian Mahony,, +1 508-479-7254.

About Visual Unity Global

Visual Unity Global is a global provider of video and digital media solutions, enabling our clients to deliver premium quality video content over the internet. Our clients can measure, analyze and optimize their libraries over time and achieve optimal business success. Our platform capabilities inspire our clients to deploy their assets across multiple devices, screens, and media formats. Visual Unity helps clients manage, deliver and monetize their digital content.

Visual Unity is a Multiscreen Solution Provider, bridging the gap between linear broadcast, IT and IPTV to help clients reach and engage audiences on any screen. Since 1991, the team has been designing and delivering turnkey broadcast and complex multiscreen solutions worldwide – from HD outside Broadcast (OB) vehicles and major playout facilities to live internet streaming and Video on Demand services. Visual Unity’s award-winning vuMedia™ platform helps broadcasters and content owners control how their brand and assets are managed and monetized in the multiscreen environment. vuMedia™ is a highly scalable and a modular architecture, delivering a cutting-edge live viewing experience on the web or any mobile or connected device – all of which can be deployed into existing workflows and business processes.

Visual Unity is based in Prague, London, Munich, Nairobi and Los Angeles. For further information, please visit,

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