Motion Graphics • 5 • Logo Reveal • Natural Landscaping Group

Here’s an exciting pair of videos we created for the Natural Landscaping Group. The intro and outro were both created in Cinema 4D and will serve as bookmarks to various promotional videos in their website and social media activities.

Promotional Video Production

We went with a metallic 3D look, revealing the logo as it emerges from a reflective floor. We also used a camera pan to partially circle, giving the video a nice cinematic effect. This transitions seamlessly to their 2D logo and fades to taglines, “Inspire Passion” and “Get Inspired”. In the outro we display their website ““, with slight spacing so it’s easier to read. The music adds an upbeat and motivational feel as they transition to and from the corporate videos.

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Additional Projects

Here are quick links to some of our other videos and motion graphics projects:

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