Gabriel Dusil • Social Networking • passes 10,000 views!

In the big scheme of things 10,000 blog views isn’t that much. But it is still a milestone I am happy to achieve nonetheless, since starting my blog 18 month ago.  I wanted to take this opportunity to provide a snapshot of how this social networking initiative is going.  Thanks for reading my blog. It’s my creative outlet, digital resume, and portfolio – all wrapped in one. So here are some screen captures of my various social networking dashboards. Enjoy!

Portfolio - Social Networking Dashboard (WordPress, 14.Nov.10)

Portfolio – Social Networking Dashboard (WordPress, 14.Nov.10)

Portfolio - Social Networking Dashboard (LinkedIn, 14.Nov.10)

Portfolio – Social Networking Dashboard (LinkedIn, 14.Nov.10)

Portfolio - Social Networking Dashboard (slideshare, 14.Nov.10)

Portfolio – Social Networking Dashboard (slideshare, 14.Nov.10)


Portfolio - Microsoft Windows 7, icons (14.Nov.10)

Portfolio - Google Chrome, icons (14.Nov.10)

Gabriel Dusil • Sponsoring the House

Photo -, Wall of Fame Geeks! (14.Jul.14)

Logo - Geekbeat.tvSince cutting-the-cord over three years ago, I’ve been a huge fan of Cali Lewis and John Pozadzides definitely have their finger on the pulse of the geek community. So I was honored to recently sponsor their new house.  Here is the link to the video where Cali acknowledges my contribution to the Wall of Fame Geeks! It’s my 6 seconds of fame… another 9 to go!

Or you can find the posting on their web site here:

Love the show!

Home - Signature, Gabriel Dusil ('12, shadow, teal)

Gabriel Dusil • Q&A on Startups with the University of Economics, in Prague


Graphic - Interviews with Gabriel Dusil (

• Video

• 32 minutes 14 seconds

• Q&A with the University of Economics

• This interview by arranged by Cole Castellarin and recorded at the Visual Unity Global office in Prague, on the 6th of May 2014.

• As part of the course, Managing Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Turbulent Times, students were asked to conduct an interview with a local start-up company. The objective of the assignment was to gain an in-depth understanding of how these companies operate and grow within the business environment. Students were encouraged to seek out the obstacles and challenges that start-ups face, relative to their large multinational competitors.  Also to determine which sort of advantages that can leveraged, to compete with established firms into the future. Conducting an in-person interview with the management team of a start-up allowed the students to obtain first hand, practical knowledge on the topic of start-up companies – specifically within the hi-tech industry.

• Vysoká škola ekonomická, Prague (VŠE)

Logo - University of Economics, VŠE, Prague

• The University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) is currently the largest public university of economics in the Czech Republic. VŠE offers its students the ability to learn in many different fields, having six different faculties including: Finance and Accounting, International Relations, Business Administration, Informatics and Statistics, and Economics. VŠE offers not only a Bachelor’s programs, but also Master’s and Doctoral programs. Through the schools accreditation with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), VŠE has been able to establish a strong international presence, partnering with over 200 other schools across the globe, and sending over 700 students on exchange programs on an annual basis.

• Tags

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Gabriel Dusil • Your Content Has Been Viewed Over 10,000 Times!

slideshare - your posts have been viewed over 10,000 times!

Gabriel Dusil • You Were in the Top 4% Most Viewed in 2013!

Title - Slideshare (Congratulations, Top 4% in 2013)

Title - Slideshare (Congratulations, Top 4% in 2013, Stats)

Gabriel Dusil • Czech Sales Academy • Interview on Start-ups

13.Nov.26 - Czech Sales Academy, Interview with Gabriel Dusil

Q&A with the Czech Sales Academy

This interview with Gabriel Dusil, Chief Marketing and Corporate Strategy Officer at Visual Unity, was produced by the Czech Sales Academy, to educate students on sales and marketing best practices. This is one in a series of interviews with different senior executives across the Czech Republic, focusing on their experiences in the field of sales and marketing, after leaving the education system and entering the workforce.  These sessions help to educate students in what to expect when working in these departments, as told from different sales and marketing perspectives.

About Gabriel Dusil

Home - Signature, Gabriel Dusil ('12, shadow, teal)

Gabriel Dusil is currently the Chief Marketing & Corporate Strategy Officer at Visual Unity, with a mandate to advance the company’s portfolio into next generation solutions and expand the company’s global presence. Before joining Visual Unity, Gabriel was the VP of Sales & Marketing at Cognitive Security, and Director of Alliances at SecureWorks, responsible for partners in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). Previously,

Gabriel worked at VeriSign & Motorola in a combination of senior marketing & sales roles. Gabriel obtained a degree in Engineering Physics from McMaster University, in Canada and has advanced knowledge in Online Video Solutions, Cloud Computing, Security as a Service (SaaS), Identity & Access Management (IAM), and Managed Security Services (MSS).

About Visual Unity

Logo - Visual Unity

Visual Unity is a global provider of video and digital media solutions, enabling our clients to deliver premium quality video content. Our clients can measure, analyze and optimize their libraries over time and achieve optimal business success. Our vuMedia™ platform inspires clients to deploy their assets across multiple devices, screens, and media formats. Visual Unity helps clients manage, deliver and monetize their digital content.

About the Czech Sales Academy

Logo - Czech Sales Academy

Extract from the Academy’s web site: “The “sales school system” was established in order to enable access to a high-quality specialized education for our students without having to pay the school fees during their studies. The whole concept is primarily aimed at the inhabitants of poorer regions of our country. This way the system allows us to choose the quality students who are motivated in the area of personal development and they are also keen to study…  …Another important target is the English language education. Learning of English language is divided into two parts – the first, more intensive one, is comprised of the standard classes and the second one is realized during the weekends’ activities… …The students have a unique opportunity to practice English language in various everyday situations which they solve outside the classrooms.”


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