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▲ Hello, my name is Lucas “BhoPee” Dusil. I am 13 years old. I produced and edited my dad’s video CV. In this post I’d like to breakdown the production, process, and overall creativity behind this project.

 Happy  50th  Birthday  Daddy ♥

Video CV


▲ My dad requested a 60 to 90-second video CV with smooth text animation to highlight his skill set. As you may see in the video below, I also found a fitting piano melody to suit the theme we were targetting.


▲ The video fades in the melody and begins with some dramatic text animations starting with I asked my dad to record his bio, so that we could use it in the background. I then created some cool transition effects between the clips. – if you want to know more about the effects visit my blog, where I talk about this more in-depth.


▲ My first challenge here was to make this video look really cool, utilizing the music in the background. I wanted the beat of the music to be seamlessly synced with the scene transitions. Since I choose to use a song with a dramatic beat, it is important to use that as an advantage, so that the video is more captivating. Also, I wanted to ensure that the speaking volume is at the right level against the music backdrop when it needs to be the main focus.

▲ When the music “drops” and the dramatic part of the song begins,  it was very important to ensure that this part of the video is not distracted by other elements – At this point I wanted the audience to focus on the visual part, as we lead into the final scenes of the CV video.


▲ The ending was a challenge because we wanted to finish with impact. My dad and I discussed the best approach, and feel for the ending – both from an audio and visual perspective.


▲ For this project, I used: Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC. Also for some audio adjustments, I used Adobe Audacity CC.

Lucas Dusil

▲ I also go by my alias BhoPee  on various social media. I am a photography and cinematography enthusiast and enjoy video editing. Some of my hobbies include speedcubing,  gaming, and producing vlogs for my YouTube channel.

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Gabriel Dusil

Gabriel is a seasoned sales and marketing expert with over 25 years in senior positions at Motorola, VeriSign (acquired by Symantec in 2010 for 1.250 billion US$), and SecureWorks (acquired by Dell in 2011 for 612 million US$), and Cognitive Security (acquired by Cisco in 2013 for 25 million US$). He is a blockchain entrepreneur, with strengths in international business strategy. Gabriel has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from McMaster University in Canada and expert knowledge in blockchain incubation, cloud computing, IT security, and video streaming, and Over the Top Content (OTT). Gabriel also runs his own company, Euro Tech Startups s.r.o., and manages a professional blog at

Gabriel Dusil • Information Technology • 3 • Oak Case Mod™

16.Jul.3 - Prague · Oak Case Mod™ (office desk, 2, smaller)

 20 minutes 5 seconds

• Creativity Inspiring Technology

  • This corporate server is the main workstation for Euro Tech Startups s.r.o. It’s mainly used to render client projects for 3D Motion Graphics. All data is completely mirrored, to ensure high -availability, and uses the motherboard’s RAID controller for improved data throughput performance. This computer is also used in photo restoration services. Restored photos are saved in uncompressed TIFF, and the process is recorded with video capture software.

• Build

  • The first day was focused mainly on preparing the workspace. Then I cut the side panels and fill the router grooves from a previous HiFi project. Next was routing grooves (6mm) needed for the rails that would hold the 20x 1TB hard drives.
  • The second day focused on drilling dowel holes, sanding the case, beveling the edges, and oiling the case. A Dremel was used to carve my signature into the front panel.
  • The third day was spent mounting the components, tie wrapping the cables, and general fixes. For example, I had mistakenly mounted the power supply upside down. So that needed to be fixed. Then the PC was booted for the first time.

• Snags

  • The first attempt at booting the case ran into a macro panic attack. As I turned on the power there was a spark and a zap from the motherboard! A seminal WTF moment for an IT geek! Dread set-in as a burning plastic filled the air, and I watched as a hint of smoke left my motherboard. Sweat ran down, “WTF did I do wrong?!” I wasn’t sure what had burnt-out, but I had seen the general location of the spark around the PCI-e slots. In any case, the PC still booted successfully. But over a series of future boots the PC would POST, but it wouldn’t make it past the Windows 10 spinning dots in the OS boot process. I tried countless restore points as well as switching my operating system SSD with my backup. Nothing worked. After six hours of no success I was exhausted and decided to call it a night.
  • As many PC geeks know too well – we hate going to bed when our PC’s aren’t working. But I thought maybe some rest may clear my mind and give me some new ideas. That night I actually dreamt of a few solutions; strip the whole PC to it’s bare components; buy a new video card; or start all over again and buy a new motherboard, CPU and RAM. That last option I was hoping to avoid since it meant scrapping a perfectly good Intel 4770 processor and 32GB of Corsair RAM, unless I could source a similar Z87 motherboard.
  • As I woke the next day I had the sinking realization of unfinished business with my PC broken. Rather than going through the arduous effort of striping the whole computer, I decided to start with the easiest step: the video card. The Asus Z87 Deluxe has built in video, so I removed the nVidia card and booted the machine using it’s onboard video. Success -Wow! I then closely examined the PCI-e 90 degree 16x 2U Riser and finally saw the culprit – a burnt capacitor!  In the end a $3 component was my problem. The boot process was getting stuck because it couldn’t communicate with the video card successfully, when it was trying to draw more data as it entered a higher graphics state.

16.May.11 - Prague · PC Case Oak Mod (90° Graphics riser card, 5, smaller)


• Inventory

  • 1x Motherboard • Asus Z87 Deluxe
  • 2x RAM 8GB Corsair Vengeance
  • 2x RAM 8GB Corsair Dominator
  • 1x CPU Intel i7-4770K processor
  • 1x CPU closed-loop water cooler Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H100i GTX
  • 1x Graphics car•  Gigabyte Windforce nVidia GTX770
  • 1x PCI-x 16x Riser 90⁰ 2U (to turn the graphics card 90° degrees, so that it is oriented flat against the case)
  • 1x Power Supply • Corsair HX1000i
  • 4x SATA controllers HighPoint Rocket 620
  • 20x Hard Drive fans Scythe Ita Kaze
  • 1x Hard Drive Samsung 1TB 850 Evo SSD (for the operating system)
  • 1x Hard Drive Western Digital Green WD60EZRX, 6TB, 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s, 3.5″, 7200 RPM (for 3D motion graphics)
  • 19x Hard Drive Seagate 1TB, 3.5″ Internal SATA Hard Drive, 6.0Gb/s, 64MB Cache, 7200 RPM. These are refurbished drives to keep the price low and to test the overall concept of the multi-drive design goal (used for client projects, mirrored backups, and personal files)
  • 2x Wood Panels 50cm x 50cm x 4cm Oak
  • 5x Wood Brackets 42mm diameter x 18cm Indonesian Tamarind
  • 160x brass spacers 6mm diameter x 10mm (for spacing the hard drives between the wooden panels)
  • 80x brass washers 15mm diameter (between the brass spacers)

Oak Case Mod™

If you missed the first part of this project, you can find the link here:

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Gabriel Dusil • Information Technology • 2 • Oak Case Mod™

16.May.7 - Prague · Oak Case Mod™ (2, smaller)


• Design • Form

• For years I struggled with integrating traditional PC cases. I never had enough room at the back to plug my devices. Under my desk the tower was cramped, and every time I needed to service a component my heart sank, contemplating going back there. I usually couldn’t move the PC because of the abundance of cables prevented any rotating or tilting. I hated plugging in SATA drives or USB devices when I couldn’t see the port and I needed to guess it’s orientation.

• Design • Function

• A compact design was important. In consumer and industrial PC cases it’s rare to find a case that holds more than 8 hard drives. This case needed to hold 20 hard drives within the confines of a standard PC tower. Also, the case would only accommodate modern components. So no need for a DVD or BluRay drive.

• No screws were used in the core construction of the Oak Case Mod™. The main structural dowels are hidden from view, and the only hole necessary is for routing cables. I was inspired by the design principles of wood craftsmen that built their art such that the structure holds together by the design itself. In this way it could easily be taken apart without an tools.

• All ports needed to be easily accessible, including USB, SATA, Ethernet, audio cables, power, and internal cabling, hard drives, and motherboard. For this reason, the entire motherboard orientation is rotated 180⁰ from traditional case designs, so that all ports face the front.

• Design • Quiet

• The case design needed to be silent and cool.  With a measured room temperature of 22°C all component temperatures are continually measured using Corsair Link:

  1. Hard drive •  This open concept allows all components to ‘breath’. Each hard drive has their own fan – a Scythe Ita Kaze, spinning at 1,000rpm (rated at 14.5 dBA). Temperatures range between 30°C – 44°C. 
  2. Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) • a Gigabyte Windforce GTX 770 video card is used, with fans spinning at 700 rpm to 800 rpm and maintaining a GPU temperature of 28°C – 40°C. During Cinema 4D rendering, the GPU fan spins at 1,200rpm to 1,400rpm with temperatures between 50°C – 52°C.
  3. Power supply • a Corsair HX1000i is the PSU, and it’s completely silent. The fan does not spin under standard working conditions,. Nor does it spin when the CPU is running at 100% utilization, when encoding 3D motion graphics or videos.
  4. Motherboard • Temperatures range between 26°C – 40°C.  Under 100% load the motherboard ranges between 28°C – 60°C
  5. CPU cooling • This design accommodates a double length 280mm long CPU closed-loop water cooling radiator, ensuring that CPU cooling is maximized (without venturing into custom water-cooling territory).  The Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H100i GTX is a CPU water cooler with its fans spinning between 1,000rpm and 1,300rpm. They maintain a CPU temperature between 36°C – 40°C (between all 4 cores) under normal working conditions. Under 100% load, CPU load temperatures range between  58°C and 64°C with the Hydro fan speeds from 1,100rpm to 2,000rpm.

• Design • Beautiful

• The reason for choosing Oak as a base material was inspired by my new company Euro Tech Startups where our motto is Creatively Inspiring Technology. I wanted to combine beauty and technological excellence in this Oak Case Mod™. The case also aesthetically matches my office desk, built out of 4cm thick solid walnut, and follows the same design principles. It’s all about merging art and technology.

Oak Case Mod™

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Gabriel Dusil • Information Technology • 1 • Oak Case Mod™

16.May.7 - Prague · Oak Case Mod™ (1, smaller)


 1 minute 3 seconds

• Introduction

  • I’ve been building custom PC’s for over twenty years. This iteration began back in 2003 as a Home Theatre PC (HTPC) project, and has evolved significantly. It’s now my work computer, home PC, and entertainment center. Over the years all components have been upgraded again and again. Last year I decided to do away with the computer case completely, and layout all components in an open concept. It was mainly to help with accessibility to all components, and to keep them as cool as possible. I found that the constraints of a standard PC tower tended to act as a convection oven, regardless of how well I tweaked the fans. In an open concept the hard drives and motherboard had easy access to the natural flow of ambient air.
  • But it quickly turned into a mess. Cables were everywhere and it was embarrassing to look at. Friends and family would visit and basically ask, “What is that monstrosity?” So I began to look around the Internet for a suitable PC case. One approach was an industrial or rack mount solution. But that added new complications in space, noise and aesthetics. There was nothing practical that accommodated a design that supported at least 20 hard drives – that was my gating factor. So I decided to build one instead. I wanted to demonstrate how far a standard PC and motherboard could go – The ability to accommodate an enterprise level storage system in the size of a desktop tower. Even though I use 1TB hard drives, it was important in this experiment to prove that storage scalability can be built at a consumer level, and still look pretty.

• Production

  • This is the first part in a pair of blog posts that outline my design goals, and the entire process leading to the final product. I hope it inspires other builders with new and innovative designs. Enjoy!
  • In this motion graphic we animated the end-to-end production of the Oak Case Mod™. It demonstrates how motion graphics can not only be used for precision photo realistic 3D modelling, but all elements of the creative process can also be animated in a wicked video.

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Oak Case Mod™

If you missed the first part of this project, you can find the link here:

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  • Images  Send us any digital images that you would like to include in your video. We recommend sending high resolution images above 5 mega pixels if possible.
  • Photographs  Normal prints can also be used. We offer a digital scanning service, and photo restoration of all your prints. You can send them to us by registered mail or courier, and we will return them to you by registered mail or courier. Details of our digital photo restoration services can be found here.
  • Videos  Clips from videos could also be used in the montage. Send over your video files (we prefer Dropbox), and specify the time-stamps (start and stop times) that you would like to include in the montage.  We recommend high definition (1920×1080 pixels or 1280×720) for best results.
  • Messaging • Would you like each image to contain a message, speech bubble or tagline? Or maybe you would like us to suggest generic taglines for your photos?
  • Website • Is there a web address – or more than one – you would you like mentioned in the video? Let us know.
  • Names • Will your video be dedicated to a company, club, or association. Maybe it’s for a friend, partner or family member. We can include their details on the video if you want.
  • Tags • Do you want to use tags (metadata) to promote your video montage? These are important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so that your video can be discovered on the internet. We also offer this as part of our service, if you need help in this area.
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Output • What We’ll Deliver to You

  • Theme • Talk to us about the theme you would like your video to use – For example, retro, modern, earthy, technological, animated, abstract, space, romantic, wedding, birthday, anniversary, movie trailer, night club, seasonal, etc.? You decide.
  • Type • 2D or 3D video? And would you like the video to loop – meaning that the beginning of the video and the end will match perfectly?
  • Length • The length of a montage video is typically one to four minutes. This typically depends on the number of images you have. Calculate at least three seconds for each image, and roughly a ten second intro, and ten second outro. That will give you a general idea of the timing. In the end, you decide how long you your video should be.
  • Format • Do you want an .mp4, .mkv, or .avi container? What about H.264, or H.265 encoding? Too technical for you? Don’t worry about that. We’ll make sure your video is compatible with the widest range of players.
  • Audio • Do you want background music? We can match the tempo and mood to the theme you choose.
  • Delivery • Your final video will be sent to you via Dropbox.
  • Turnaround • This depends on the project workload, complexity, and our available resources at the time of your request. Typically we deliver the video in six to sixteen working days.
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Gabriel Dusil • Social Networking • Announcing the launch of!

• Many of you have suggested that I split my professional content from the personal stuff, so I finally got around to it. I’m happy to announce the launch of my new personal blog,

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My personal blog will focus on tags related to:

  • Family Legacy • Mamička • Taci • Googičko • Gabičko
  • Photo Restoration • Digital Restoration • Photo Repair • Historical Photography
  • Martial Arts • MMA • Mixed Martial Arts • Kick boxing • Karate • Self Defense
  • Fitness • Strength & Conditioning • Circuit Training • Aerobic • Anaerobic

Here are links to recent posts in my personal blog:

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The professional blog,, will continue to focus on the following tags:

  • OTT • Over the Top Content • OVP • Online Video Platform • VoD • On Demand
  • Broadcast • Television • Multiscreen • Smart TV • Social TV • 4K • UHD • UltraHD
  • Connected TV • TV Everywhere • TV Anywhere • Digital Video • Streaming

Here are links to recent posts in my professional blog:


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Gabriel Dusil • Social Networking • 2014 Annual Report

• prepared this 2014 Annual Report for Click here to see the complete report.

• Here are three recent articles:

• Here are three recent web seminars:

• I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for reading my articles, and watching my videos. I love the creative process, presenting new ideas, and trying to look at the market in a unique light. Please stay tuned in 2015, as I have a lot of content planned for release, throughout the year. Here’s an excerpt:

Portfolio - WordPress, Annual Report '14, Title, Annual Report (15.Jan.6)

Portfolio – WordPress, Annual Report ’14, Title, Annual Report (15.Jan.6)