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Gabriel Dusil – Successful Negotiation Skills

Graphic - Successful Negotiation Skills (title)


Effective negotiation skills are essential to many corporate disciplines including sales, marketing, legal, technical roles.  But this also plays into interpersonal relationships such as marriage, parenting and personnel management.  Preparation is essential to a successful negotiation, even as far as identifying if or when it is necessary to negotiate.  Amicable negotiations seek a win-win scenario –  a solution that is acceptable to both parties.  But not all negotiations are fair – It is important to identify whether the other party is pursuing a win:lose or win:win outcome, so that appropriate tactics can be taken.  This presentation explores some basic skills, techniques, and planning methodologies for a successful negotiation.

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Management – Gabriel Dusil (Successful Negotiation Skills ’13, v1.6).pptx.

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