Cognitive Security • Finance & Banking Security

Portfolio - Cognitive Security, Finance & Banking Security (title)


Bank managers face complex challenges in balancing security spending against evolving internet commerce risks.  Criminals have managed to change the battlefield in the war on cyber-crime under the noses of the enterprise community. Highly intelligent exploit kits and trojans bypass layers of security with ease. To prepare for these new adversaries, new and advanced levels of protection are needed to facilitate current and future security objectives. Expert Security addresses the need to implement a more robust and cost effective level of expertise, and bridge the gap to Managed Security Services which are based on a cloud-based model.  It’s no longer about adding never-ending layers of protection that fits within a security budget – it’s ensuring that the layers that exist are clever enough to mitigate against modern attacks. This is paramount in ensure asset protection. Network Behavior Analysis is a new building block in Expert Security, and offers a viable solution for state-of-the-art cyber-attacks.  This presentation outlines some of these threats and how companies are protecting their clients from modern and sophisticated attacks.

Download the Original Presentation here:

Portfolio – Cognitive Security, Finance & Banking Security (’12).pptx

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