Cognitive Security • Telco & Mobile Security

Portfolio - Cognitive Security, Telco & Mobile Security (title)


As mobile data is expected to grow 16 fold over the next four years*, mobile providers are facing new challenges in balancing subscriber ease-of-use and cyber-protection. The explosion in cellular usage and mobile commerce will require advanced levels of protection for mobile users, as hackers continue to find new vulnerabilities. A dual strategy including end-point and infrastructure security will provide robust and cost-effective levels of protection. It will expand provider revenue streams to enhanced services, and increase their ARPU through value-added security. Network Behavior Analysis is a viable building block to infrastructure security, and helps protects a collective subscriber base against sophisticated mobile cyber-attacks.
•  *Cisco – Visual Networking Index Global Mobile Data ’11
•  ARPU – Average Revenue Per User

Download the Original Presentation here:

 Portfolio – Cognitive Security, Telco & Mobile Security (’12).pptx

Or view the PDF version on Slideshare:

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