Visual Unity • Discovering the New Digital Video Ecosystem at NAB’14

14.Apr.5 - NAB '14, Las Vegas (Video, pro presenter, v4.7).mp4_snapshot_04.48_[2014.04.22_11.18.11]

• Differentiate & Engage with vuMedia™ OTT

• This is our second video created by Visual Unity Global, for NAB’14.  Our marketing strategy was to communicate the strong end-to-end capabilities of our vuMedia™ OTT platform.  The video was produced in collaboration with Striker Pictures – an amazing young start-up, based out of the Czech Republic.  In just four short weeks we developed the messaging strategy, storyboard, narrative, and final animation. Striker Pictures delivered an amazing and beautiful product within a very aggressive timescale! Thanks again, guys 🙂

Also, great job to our marketing team in putting this together, and for our stellar exhibition presence.  We even managed to exceeded our marketing goals by 96%!

We hope you enjoy it.

You can also found our first video posted here:

• Narration

  • Intro • As an Over-the-top solution provider, Visual Unity offers a complete, end-to-end OTT platform which manages your multimedia assets in a three tier modular architecture – from creation through to displaying video in the best quality possible – at each and every subscriber.
  • 1 • Create • No matter where your content comes from, Visual Unity is able to help reach new audiences, and enable new revenue streams. With over 15 years in Digital Video and over two decades of experience in Broadcast Services.
  • 2 • Contribute • Different content needs to be processed differently to ensure it is managed effectively. Be it live broadcasts or video on demand, Visual Unity understands the important roles that metadata and transcoding play in video management.
  • 3 • Manage • Once content is within the vuMedia platform, video can be packaged in as many ways necessary, to suit your strategy. Not only can you select where content will be available around the globe, but you can also package your assets to meet the varying needs of your international subscribers. Our dashboard enables you to see how successful your library is being monetizing. At a glance you can see what works and what doesn’t.
  • 4 • Deliver • Our proprietary content delivery network, provides the security, quality, and reliability to service subscribers across the globe. Visual Unity also partners with third party CDN providers when requested by our clients.
  • 5 • Consume: In order to engage subscriber’s in today’s digital society, a compelling user interface and user experience is vital to deploying a successful OTT service. Device detection along with fully customizable players and social integration give subscribers the ability to enjoy content to its fullest.
  • End • Visual Unity offers a true one-stop-shop for OTT and Multiscreen solutions. Our end-to-end workflow – from creation to consumption – is your critical success path to your OTT and multiscreen vision.

• Delivering the Future of Entertainment to Subscribers

I also wanted to take this opportunity to showcase some of the excellent desk top publishing skills out of our marketing department.  Below you will find our invitation and follow-up emails from NAB’14, this year.

NAB '14, Las Vegas (Invitation, v1.7)

NAB ’14, Las Vegas (Invitation, v1.7)

NAB '14, Las Vegas (thank you email, v1.7)

NAB ’14, Las Vegas (thank you email, v1.7)

About Visual Unity Global

Logo - Visual Unity

Visual Unity Global is a global provider of video and digital media solutions, enabling our clients to deliver premium quality video content over the internet. Our clients can measure, analyze and optimize their libraries over time and achieve optimal business success. Our platform capabilities inspire our clients to deploy their assets across multiple devices, screens, and media formats. Visual Unity helps clients manage, deliver and monetize their digital content.

Visual Unity is a Multiscreen Solution Provider, bridging the gap between linear broadcast, IT and IPTV to help clients reach and engage audiences on any screen. Since 1991, the team has been designing and delivering turnkey broadcast and complex multiscreen solutions worldwide – from HD outside Broadcast (OB) vehicles and major playout facilities to live internet streaming and Video on Demand services. Visual Unity’s award-winning vuMedia™ platform helps broadcasters and content owners control how their brand and assets are managed and monetized in the multiscreen environment. vuMedia™ is a highly scalable and a modular architecture, delivering a cutting-edge live viewing experience on the web or any mobile or connected device – all of which can be deployed into existing workflows and business processes.

For further information, please visit:, or contact us at:

Introducing Striker Pictures

Striker PicturesLogo - striker Pictures is a VFX and image production studio. Our mission is to create original imagery that is capable of entirely captivating its audience. From storyboard to the final polished frame, we offer an innovative and creative environment for our clients, accommodating a variety of production and execution methods. With a team comprising of 3D artists, producers and directors, we aim to create remarkable visuals for the entertainment, advertising, and enterprise industries.

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