OTT & Multiscreen • Web Seminar • 5 • Defining ROI & TCO for Video Streaming

14.May.27 - Visual Unity Global (training, title)

• Defining ROI & TCO for Video Streaming

• We are proud to present to you our fifth web seminar from our ’14 series.   This edition to the series is the first of three presentations from our “Getting your ROI from Video Streaming series” web seminar, held at the end of July 2014.

• ŸCheck out other white papers, video presentations, and opinion pieces from my blog “Digital Video for a Digital Generation”:

• ŸInvesting in video streaming services requires a solid understanding of the Return on Investment (ROI) for such a platform. In this presentation we breakdown the value proposition of Over the Top content (OTT) platforms, used to generate new revenue streams from entertainment assets.  Understanding ROI, requires a breakdown of cost savings, new revenue streams, feature enhancements, and other intangible benefits. This web seminar looks into various aspects of content management, delivery and consumption, and how cloud-based services such as OTT not only generates new revenue streams, but also opens new doors to monetize entertainment libraries.

• Video Presentation

• 16 minutes 14 seconds

• Download the Native PowerPoint Slides

14.Jul.31 – Visual Unity Global (training, #5, Defining ROI for Video Streaming).pptx

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