Motion Graphics • 1 • Logo Reveal • Niagara Belco

After six months of focusing on my private blog,, we finally have exciting and new content for Generation Digital Video fans, here at

This is our first post in a series of motion graphics projects we’ve been working on since the middle of 2015. This first one is a logo reveal video created for our client in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We worked with the general manager, Derek Moorse, to create the conceptual outline, collaborating over Skype to design the look and feel of the promo. His elevator production company’s home page can be found at

“Gabriel Dusil did an absolutely amazing job creating our logo reveal video. He captured how we wanted to look and feel. He asked a few intelligent questions when we first started the discussion, then before I thought he’d even be starting the work he was sending me drafts for review. I had no negative feedback, very impressive and a notch above our current marketing, and still he polished it up and improved it. Its a powerful tool, motion graphics. A must have for this day and age marketing. Thanks Gabriel, awesome work.”

• Derek Moorse, General Manager, Niagara Belco

Promotional Video Production

The concept behind this video encompassed a traditional elevator theme, with a clean and elegant approach. We obtained Niagara Belco’s logo in vector format (adobe illustrator .ai), then separated it into individual elements so that we could animate them individually. Leave a comment below if you like the final product.

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