Motion Graphics • 2 • Logo Reveal •

This is our latest company promo project, prepared for In this project we created a looping video by animating the different elements of the Dusil Design logo. Throughout the year it will be used in exhibitions, on the company’s website, and on promotional materials emailed to clients. Future videos will also contain this logo segment as an outro.

Promotional Video Production

A vector version of the logo was not available when we began production, so the logo was recreated from scratch in Adobe After Effects. We managed to source the original font which helped maintain a high quality, since it avoided converting the bit-mapped text to a vector image. With all elements created – ring, disc, leaf, text and underline – we proceeded with the layout, animation, lighting, and timing. A 3D theme and metallic look for the ring created a suitable dramatic effect. Much of the production effort was spent experimenting with different ideas and seeing if it looked good after it was rendered. We delivered the draft to the owner Alica Dusil, and after receiving her feedback we had two more iterations before reaching this final product. We hope you like it.

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Additional Projects

Here are quick links to some of our other videos and motion graphics projects:

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