Crypto ▲ Conference ▲ MultiStakeholder Governance for the Crypto Generation ▲ Gdansk


This was a great crypto event in the northern coast of Poland. The conference was held in the factory where the original German U-Boats were manufactured, during the second world war.  Adwell Media did a great job on the production of this event, and we were excited to get onto the evening news that week.

Gabriel Dusil, co-founder & board member, Adel

Adel on the Evening News ▲ TVP3 Poland

Adel has been featured on the Polish evening news! Polish channel TVP3 covered the blockchain conference in Gdansk as well as bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies. Although the broadcast is in Polish, their footage shows our presentation and logo shown multiple times, in the background:

Click here to watch the evening news coverage of Blockyard, featuring Adel


▲ Adel’s co-founder explores the creation of virtual communities fueling by blockchain innovation. The presentation explores the evolution of the Virtual State™ and the Borderless Citizen™.

Thanks to the Internet, and blockchain technology, the world is waking up to a political, economic, social and technological renaissance. The next two decades will be a fundamental shift in human interaction, sharing, and freedom. All aspects of vertical and horizontal markets will be affected, including Finance & Banking, Healthcare, eGovernment, Communications, Information Technology (IT) and the Internet of things (IoT). Adel’s General Manager will analyze this paradigm shift in social behavior and present a vision for the future.


▲ Here is the video of our presentation:

▲ Here is the presentation on SlideShare:

▲ Here are the native powerpoint slides:

18.Apr.13 – Gdansk · Multi-Stakeholder Governance for the Crypto Generation (Gabriel Dusil, v6.9).pptx

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