Crypto ▲ Conference ▲ Will Pandemic Protocols Establish a Utopian Economy? ▲ Helsinki


“It was a pleasure to speak at Smile Expo’s Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference in Helsinki. Having attended several of their events in 2018, we found the quality of speakers improving with each conference. Great job, team! We were honored to speak to the Finnish delegates on Adel’s future vision of the crypto sphere and promoting blockchain to mainstream use. Check out our Smile Expo presentations at”

Gabriel Dusil, co-founder & board member, Adel


▲ Blockchain services undermine traditional forms of governance because it’s decentralised and its users are typically anonymous. This assumes impunity from government and central banks. In crypto the collective consensus of coders, miners, and anonymous actors are micro components of a growing ecosystem. To date this crypto sphere has been relatively left untouched by the authorities of the “real-world”. This raises real questions about how crypto’s services should be managed. Techno-Libertarians envision utopian self-regulation, with codified rules that evolve with the technology. Crypto-anarchists envision a free-rule zone for blockchain businesses and unconstrained virtual currency commerce. Anyone who denies these programmatic rules essentially forfeit their right to participate in this space.

Adel’s co-founder explores the creation of the Borderless Citizen™, fueled by blockchain innovation and the underlying cryptoversification evolution of the Virtual State™.


▲ Here is the video of our presentation:

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